Frequently asked questions

  1. Does The Foundation Roundtable make grants as an organization?
    No, all funders follow their own foundation’s mission for granting funds
  2. Can my organization make a presentation to the Roundtable membership?Members of the Roundtable may, from time to time, invite representatives of an organization to educate the group regarding an issue of interest.
  3. Can anyone attend Partnership for Excellence (PFE)?
    The conference is open to all nonprofit staff and board members in Santa Barbara County.
  4. When is the next PFE?
    It will be on April  22nd, 2020 at the Alisal Ranch. Sponsored by The Foundation Roundtable, for more than 25 years, the Partnership for Excellence convenes hundreds of Santa Barbara County nonprofit and foundation leaders to learn, network and collaborate together.  This year, the setting will introduce elements of nature, interaction and play - an unplugged day of inspiration and connections at The Alisal Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.
  5. As a funder, can I join The Foundation Roundtable? 
    The Roundtable welcomes funders who meet the following criteria: •The organization must meet attorney general requirement status of nonprofit foundation. • The Foundation must distribute through grantmaking at least $100,000 annually within Santa Barbara County. • The Foundation must have more than a single nonprofit of interest and not of a political nature. • Membership is limited to one trustee and/or executive director from each foundation.
  6. I have a Donor Advised Fund.  Am I eligible to participate?
    Yes, as long as there are multiple grantees receiving combined funding over $100,00 funding in Santa Barbara County.
  7. Are north Santa Barbara County funders represented?
    Mid-County is represented and others are welcome.
  8. Can a business or corporate giver join the Roundtable?
    At this time, there is a Business Giving Roundtable for corporate philanthropy. See the Santa Barbara Foundation website under Donors. There may be opportunities for the two groups to meet and learn about the community together.
  9. How many times a year does the Roundtable meet?
    The members meet once a month with the exception of July.  There are social gatherings from time to time.  It is anticipated that members will attend if they are in town.
  10. Does the Roundtable focus on advocacy or public policy work?
    Not collectively as a group.